The Wellness Business Summit 2017
Transforming The Business Of Healthcare In The 21st Century
A 3-day LIVE event for health practitioners, fitness professionals and integrative medical doctors who want to become a leader in their field, grow highly profitable practices and have massive impact by transforming the health of their communities.
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It’s no secret that our industry is undergoing massive change – not only in how health & wellness businesses operate but also in the legislation that governs your scope of practice.

Even with the dramatic and fast paced rise of alternative health, the organics niche, self-help products, wellness apps and online tech platforms all estimated to become a 4 trillion dollar industry by 2017, 78% of qualified alternative health and wellness professionals still close their businesses within 18 months of starting.
FACT: You know there is opportunity out there.

FACT: You know that the health of your community is getting worse, not better.

FACT: You are witnessing the global shift towards mindfulness, clean eating and body awareness.

TRUTH: If the health and wellness industry is booming both online and offline and there is NO SHORTAGE of people to help, then why are so many practitioners stuck, overwhelmed, unable to gain traction, burnt-out, afraid to step into and own their power and broke?
Missed the live event? 
Get the digital recordings, slides and worksheets now only $197 $97 
What Is The Wellness Business Summit?
I created The Wellness Business Summit back in 2012 because I was frustrated.

I was sick and tired of having to travel to California or other places in the US to get access to top industry leaders who could teach me how to grow my business, get more clients, make more money and leverage the power of the internet so I wouldn’t have to work 16 hours a day.

I didn’t need another CEC course or workshop. What I needed was to learn was HOW to build a consistently profitable health practice and HOW to be a confident coach.

Having more certifications and letters after your name doesn’t not equal more clients and more dollars in the bank. I learned that the hard way.

After growing my own nutrition practice to nine locations, along with a licensed program running in over 30 locations across Canada and running a 7-figure online business I decided it was time to share my secrets with you.

We can both agree that the landscape and business of health is quickly changing.

It doesn’t matter what kind of health practitioner or integrative doctor you are. If you aren’t leveraging social media and internet marketing to build your brand, educate your community and sell your services you will be left behind.

2017 is the Wellness Business Summit’s 5th anniversary (!!!) and we are shaking things up to give you more of what you need so you can build the profitable practice of your dreams.
Speakers & Workshops
Sean Francis
Towerhill Chiropractic
Kawartha Lakes Chiropractic
Kawartha Lakes Fit Body Boot Camp
How To Use Challenges & Social Media To Get Clients
Sean graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, in 2010, and has since practiced in Lindsay, and Peterborough Ontario. He has also completed an Honours Bachelor degree in Kinesiology, and is a Certified Functional Aging Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute. When he’s not caring for his chiropractic patients, Sean acts as owner and fitness trainer at Kawartha Lakes Fit Body Boot Camp, and Fit Corps Boot Camp. In addition, Sean has been an active member of the Canadian Forces Army Reserve since 1998. Sean met his wife Stacey at CMCC, and together they have a 7-year-old daughter (Kaydence) and 3-year-old son (Owen).
Leanne Vogel
Making Money as a Brand Ambassador and Affiliate: How To Partner With Brands
Leanne graduated as a Holistic Nutritionist with honors from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2008. In 2010, she began HealthfulPursuit.com, one of Canada’s largest health and wellness blogs. Leanne is the author of 5 cookbooks, guides and programs as well as an Amazon Bestseller for her most recent title, The Keto Beginning. Living by the motto, “when what you’re doing isn’t working, you owe it to yourself to change”, Leanne transitioned from a juice-advocating vegan to a low-carb, high-fat enthusiast to heal her body, lose weight and balance hormones once and for all.
Lori Kennedy
The Wellness Business Hub 
The Wellness Business Academy 
The Wellness Business Summit
How To Save Time On Social Media: Repurpose Your Content For Maximum Exposure
As the ladyboss behind LK Inc. Lori is responsible for creating content for almost a dozen social media pages and groups. Over the years she's worked with many virtual assistants to help produce content. In this session Lori is going to walk you through how to get a whole month of social media content from one Facebook LIVE video. She's going to teach you her social media management system so that you are able to put out tons of content across ALL social media platforms by spending about 30 minutes making one Facebook LIVE video.
Sachin Patel
The Living Proof Institute
The Doctor Of The Future
Sachin Patel is a proud father, husband, Functional Medicine practitioner and practice development coach. Sachin spends most of his professional time helping practitioners implement heart-centered medicine into their communities. He believes that nothing can fix the body better than it can fix itself and that the patient is the doctor of the future. Sachin’s vision is to empower millions of people around the world by teaching them how they can become their own best healing advocates.
Precision Nutrition
The Art Of Transformational Coaching: Proven Strategies To Help You Kick Ass As A Coach
Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD, is the Director of Education at Precision Nutrition, responsible for creating curriculum to coach clients through body transformations in the PN Coaching program, and to help coaches be better coaches in the Level 1 and Level 2 PN Certifications. She also runs Stumptuous.com, a women's health and fitness website, and is the author of several books including F*** Calories and Consumed.
Anthony Lombardi
Dr. Lombardi Workshops
Commitment To Excellence: Marketing For Practice Growth & Fulfillment
Dr. Anthony Lombardi has presided over 108,000 patient visits in 15 years of practice at Hamilton Back Clinic. In 2011 he founded Business Building Doctor which provides Exstore Assessment, Motor Point Acupuncture Treatment Courses, and 1-on-1 Business Building assistance.
Lenny Kerman & Colleen McKay
Transcending Focus
Fostering Your Inner Sales Superstar
As master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioners, Lenny and Colleen help CEO's, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and couples communicate more effectively to improve their inner voice and to achieve personal and professional success.

In this workshop Lenny and Colleen's fun, energetic and engaging speaking style will teach you how to help embed success principles in your pitch, gain game changing insights into prospects thought process and outline an easy to follow formula which converts even the most average sales people into mega deal closing rockstars.
Stephanie Joanne
Brand & Business Coach
How To Build A Stand Out Brand In A Crowded Industry
Stephanie Joanne is a serial entrepreneur. She is known as the founder of an aggressive, global fitness brand. Her passion for peak performance is realized as a renowned Personal Branding Expert and Business Consultant.

SJ, as she is known amongst her clients and fans, helps people build fiercely powerful brands and develop professional relationships. She has built a global presence through her robust social media platforms and offline media presence.

Her mission is to coach experts and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry so they can better develop client trust and brand visibility.
Elan Zusman
Content Mastery & Automation
As Co-Founder of ZigiMedia Elan helps business’ of all sizes strategize, build, market and grow their online presence using the latest in online marketing technologies. With over 10 years experience in online marketing and business development Elan strives to provide his clients with smart effective online marketing solutions.

Having built several successful online & tech start-ups, Elan brings a combination of "Online Tech" knowledge and business building strategies to help you grow your online practice.
Lori Kennedy
The Wellness Business Hub 
The Wellness Business Academy 
The Wellness Business Summit
Content Mastery & Automation
Lori Kennedy is first and foremost a mom. She’s also the founder of The Wellness Business Hub, an online platform that delivers personal development and professional training for health practitioners all around the world. Her real-world approach to business is built into her online courses and live events. Lori’s Wellness Business Academy and The Wellness Business Summit is growing a powerful community of leaders in health transformation who work with Team LK achieve their 1 million mission.
WBS Rave Reviews
“I took in so much phenomenal information and made fast friends that I still haven't processed everything! I loved being surrounded by my tribe and the snacks and food were just perfect." - Maggie Chilton

“The WBS’17 has pumped me up and I’m so excited for what’s is to come for my business. I feel like I drank 18 cups of coffee (and I don't do caffeine - #adrenals!). I can't wait for my clients to experience my excitement and benefit from the inspiration I received this weekend. Exciting things to come!" - Heidi Ritcher
Featured: Content Mastery & Automation™ Workshop
What is the biggest, ongoing problem any health practitioner, fitness professional or integrative medical doctor faces?


We’ve solved that problem for you with our Content Mastery & Automation™ Workshop. 

We will spend the day walking you through how to take your ideas and turn them into educational and entertaining pieces of content that grow your brand and position you as the expert while consistently attracting new leads and clients on autopilot.

feature3Whether you have an offline practice, a clinic or an online brand you need to know how to leverage social media and online marketing automation. 

We will accomplish this by giving you our proprietary Content Automation System™ and work through on-the-spot implementation so you leave the Wellness Business Summit with your own Content Mastery & Automation Plan™ completed.
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