If you’re a health professional or a coach with a strong desire to serve others in a way that provides better outcomes for you and your clients, then I invite you to attend:
A FREE 3-day, immersive live event for licensed/regulated professionals, practitioners, and coaches dedicated to providing innovative insights, necessary skills training 
and practical how-to strategies so that you can have
flexibility, freedom, and financial stability with your online business.
Tuesday, October 10th - Thursday October 12th from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
Whether you’re starting from scratch, wanting to expand beyond the clinic or completely starting over, building your career and an online business can feel daunting, overwhelming, and sometimes even impossible. 

But it’s not. 

In fact, there has never been a better time to start & grow an online business in the health or coaching industry and The VIRTUAL Wellness Business Summit will help you do just that… 

Dr. Jordan Roberston ND

Founder of Clarity Health & The Confident Clinician Club

The secret to becoming a confident clinician (without it taking a decade!)

Andrea Henry 

Founder of Henry Business Law

Legal Protection For Canadian Online Businesses

Lisa Fraley

Founder of Legal Love

Legal Protection For American Online Businesses

Dr. Kim Foster MD

Founder of Wellness Coach Academy 

Group Coaching Success Strategies For Consistent Client Results

Abigail Keeso

Founder of That Clean Life

Creating Simple, Effective Nutrition Plans Your Clients Will Love to Follow

Brittany Andrejcin

Ambassador Program Manager 

Business Automation Strategies for Client Success

Samantha Skelly

Founder of Pause Breathwork

Breathwork Techniques to Help With Your Confidence & Your Client's Results

Chris Perry

Director of Enrollment The Wellness Business Hub

How To Confidently Sell Your Program & Services For An Above Average Fee

Giana Cambria

Founder of Upperhand Creative

How To Create Short Form Content That Sells

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh

Founder of Virtual Menopause & Midlife Health Coach

How To Banish Imposter Syndrome & Show Up Authentically

The WBS Success Panel 

Featuring 6-Figure
Practitioners & Coaches 

Discover How They Did It: A Live Panel Discussion. 

Lori Kennedy

Founder of The Wellness
Business Hub 

How To Create & Fill Your Online Program

Breakout Session

Hosted By That Clean Life  

 Abigail Keeso

How To Use Meal Planning To Grow Your Clinical Practice & Business. 

Breakout Session 

Hosted By The Wellness Business Hub 

Tyler Hall

Breakthrough Money Mindset Strategies Designed To Increase Confidence  

You know you have what it takes. It’s not that you lack the training, education and work ethic. It’s not that you lack the passion, compassion, and drive to serve others and transform lives. 

You are looking for someone to remove all of the ‘fluff’ and ‘shoulds’ and just tell you exactly what to do so that you can direct all of your purpose, ambition, and energy towards getting clients and growing an online business that supports your ideal lifestyle. 

The VIRTUAL Wellness Business Summit isn’t about giving you all of the options you could do so your brain is filled to the max with 100 different ways to do things that aren’t even specific to your profession. It’s definitely not about bringing in random speakers who share irrelevant info and then pitch you on a $2000 digital course.  
The VIRTUAL Wellness Business Summit features carefully curated speakers who openly share HOW THEY DID IT and provide you with industry-specific training so that you can improve your skills and focus on the right actions that work so you can skip over the other nonsense. 
If you are ready to open your mind to a new way of doing things that doesn’t always require you to trade dollars for hours and are searching for a better and less isolating way to do that...
… then join us at The VIRTUAL Wellness Business Summit. 
One last thing… register for FREE and get immediate access to the Wellness Business Summit Virtual Swag Bag!
Who doesn’t love a good swag bag right?! We’ve put together the most valuable items for the virtual swag bag (stuff that you’ll actually use and not just toss away)... 
  • Done-for-you content from select speakers
  • Done-for-you resources from select speakers
  • Book lists for personal development, marketing, sales, money
  • ​Recommended tech list and tech resources
  • ​Done-for-you client resources 
  • ​Discount codes for recommended products & services
  • ​BONUS interviews 
BONUS Training
Featuring @SocialShirley 
How To Confidently Show Up On Instagram & Create Content That Works 
BONUS Interview 
Featuring Andrea Tessier
Strategies To Neutralize Imposter Syndrome So You Can Take Action 


Since 2011, Lori Kennedy and The Wellness Business Hub have been serving tens of thousands of practitioners and coaches from around the world. 

The Wellness Business Hub is hosting the VIRTUAL Wellness Business Summit as part of their mission to innovate how practitioners and coaches start and grow their businesses so they can have flexibility, freedom, and financial stability while they serve others and transform lives for a living. 

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